Living Free of Judgement.

The biggest issue I’ve struggled with my entire life is self esteem. I grew up as a chubby kid, and the voices of society told me I wasn’t worthy; I wasn’t good enough. All these negative comments attacked me from all directions – including the people I love. Soon enough, I believed it myself. I used the same words against myself, picking my body apart, hating every single part of me.

Eventually, it all became too much. I used the anger and frustration built up inside of me, and threw them back onto other people. I lived, spoke and breathed out of fear. I wanted others to feel the same pain that they caused me. But instead of finding relief, I only felt worse than ever.

It wasn’t until recently that I learnt how powerful words can be. Even a passing comment can affect some people more than you think. When I was in the depths of depression, some said I was lazy, that I was running away from my problems instead of facing them head-on. What they didn’t know was the amount of energy it takes for me to simply get out of bed some days. They couldn’t hear the constant voices within my head telling me to give up. They couldn’t feel the pain of emptiness inside of me.

We all have our own stories. We all have our own struggles. We all feel pain sometimes. So please don’t judge anyone. They could be going through something that you don’t know about. Even if someone else judges you or causes you pain, know that it always stems from something deeper. It could be their call for love. Remember that we are all the same. See yourself in the other person. Treat every living being with love.


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