Everything is Temporary.

I think the greatest and most important lesson I’ve learnt over the past few months is that everything is temporary. I have overcome struggles in the past and thought that everything would be rainbows and sunshine from there on out. It was this exact belief that kept me in the darkness when I was knocked down once again. I used to thrive on structure and had to plan out every second in the future. Needless to say, it was extremely difficult to see my life go a complete different direction than I had expected. I was clinging onto this old image of myself, beating myself up for letting things go wrong. I was constantly living in the past, thinking how things would be so much better if only I could go back in time and rewrite history.

Once I learnt to let go of my past self and began to accept who I am in the current moment, I was able to see the light again. I learnt that the beauty of life is its ability to change at any second. You can’t always see it coming. Sometimes the best thing to do is to open your arms and welcome whatever it is the Universe decides to throw at you. Both pain and pleasure is temporary. Even if it seems like the world is collapsing over you and there is no way out, it will pass eventually. Similarly, the good days can be taken away from us so we should be grateful for every moment of it. The same goes for everything in life: injuries can heal; bodies will change; people come and go.

I’m not saying that we should become so detached that nothing can affect us in life. In fact, I’m saying quite the opposite. We should be able to cherish and appreciate every waking moment, good or bad, no matter what. Life is a journey full of up and downs. That’s what keeps it interesting.


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