Five Simple Ways to Reduce Waste.


  1. Shop from a local farmer’s market or green grocer’s

I don’t know about you, but my favourite thing is going to a farmer’s market on the weekend and seeing what seasonal produce they have on sale. It’s always best to eat according to the seasons. Now, it’s not always the cheapest to buy organic produce from farmer markets, so an alternative would be to shop at your local green grocer’s or to just buy unpackaged, loose produce at the supermarket.


2. Bring your own coffee mug

This becoming more common nowadays since most coffee shops give you a discount if you bring your own cup! If you have a daily routine of getting a coffee before work or school, it’s not that difficult to bring a cup with you. There are so many different types out there that are lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. Otherwise, opt for staying in at coffee shops where they serve drinks in a ceramic cup instead.

Get one here:

3. Bring a shopping bag

There is really no excuse to not do this. It breaks my heart every time I see people get a new plastic bag every time they go shopping. Not only does it save you from ending up a load of plastic bags at home, but it also saves the environment! Again, you can find foldable shopping bags in many places. It barely takes up any space so you can literally just throw it in your bag or pocket and you’re good to go. I always have mine with me wherever I go.

Get one here:

  • Baggu
  • Ecobags (They also sell product bags!)
  • ChicoBag (They have one that fits on your keychain!)



4. Ask for no straw

I’ll admit, I’m still not great at this. It may feel weird or awkward to ask for no straw when you order a drink, but who cares because you’re making a change for the Earth. Some places have even banned straws which is great to see. If you still prefer drinking from a straw, why not get an aluminium or stainless steel straw and take it with you? I have one which I use for smoothies at home and I also bring it out with me.

5. Bring your own cutlery or container

I had a joke with my best friend that we’ll eventually be carrying our entire house around us in order to reduce waste. But if you frequently eat at places that only provide disposable cutlery (like Pret, for example), you can save so much waste by bringing your own! Another tip is to bring leftovers home in your own Tupperware.

Also check out these videos for more tips:


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