Five Simple Ways to Reduce Waste.


  1. Shop from a local farmer’s market or green grocer’s

I don’t know about you, but my favourite thing is going to a farmer’s market on the weekend and seeing what seasonal produce they have on sale. It’s always best to eat according to the seasons. Now, it’s not always the cheapest to buy organic produce from farmer markets, so an alternative would be to shop at your local green grocer’s or to just buy unpackaged, loose produce at the supermarket. Continue reading “Five Simple Ways to Reduce Waste.”


Exercise Addiction.


Guess who just got their wisdom tooth taken out? I am writing this while tucked up in bed, trying to distract myself from the aching pain coming from my jaw. Funny how an hour ago I was thinking to myself how this isn’t that bad at all. Until the anaesthetic wore off…

What does this have to do with the topic of this post, you may ask. Well, as you may or may not know, you’re not supposed to exercise within the first week or so of getting your wisdom teeth removed. A year ago, I would’ve freaked out and would probably get extremely anxious over not being able to do my usual workouts. What a first world problem right? Today, I am fully embracing the fact that I have an excuse to stay in bed all day watching movies.

Back then, I would force myself to go to the gym no matter what. Even if I was on holiday with my family, I would make sure there is a fitness suite at the hotel and wake up extra early to get my workout in. Did I enjoy it? Not all the time. Why did I do it then? I’m not sure, I guess the thought of missing a workout terrified me so much that I never let it happen. My old habits may seem healthy to others, but deep down even I knew that it wasn’t healthy at all. I was just too scared to change.

Now I’ve learnt to listen to my body. If I’m feeling tired and sore, I can now let myself take it easy without feeling guilty about it. Instead of thinking I have to exercise extra hard to burn off the food that I’ve overindulged on over the holidays, I just keep doing what I would normally do. I guess once you get to a point where you are at peace with yourself, everything that you do comes from a place of  love and care. I eat well and exercise moderately because it makes me feel good, because I love myself. Not because I’m trying to look a certain way or fit into a certain mould. I’ve over that.

I am extremely grateful that I’ve come this far. It may not have been in the way that I had hoped, but here I am alive today and what a miracle that is within of itself. For those out there who struggle with exercise addiction like I used to, taking a day off from your usual routine won’t kill you. You won’t lose all your progress. You most definitely won’t blow up into the size of a beluga whale. In fact, sometimes less really is more. Your body will thank you for allowing it to rest. I shall leave you with a quote.

“I treat myself like I would my daughter. I brush her hair, wash her laundry, tuck her in goodnight. Most importantly, I feed her. I do not punish her. I do not berate her, leave tears staining her face. I do not leave her alone. I know she deserves more. I know I deserve more.”
― Michelle K.

Things Yoga Has Taught Me.


I realise how the title can be easily misread as ‘Things Yoda Taught Me’, although I’m not opposed to writing about that. (Bad joke sorry)

1. I learned to slow the heck down. I’m a stressful person by nature. I know yoga is kind of known to help destress you, but I never really felt it until I really got into it and started practising consistently. As a result, it’s done wonders for my mental health.

2. I focused on my breath. There’s something magical about connecting each breath to movement. Once I got familiar enough to build my own flows, it felt extremely freeing to move. It was like my own form of dance.

3. It grounded me. Both physically and mentally. I felt more connected to the Earth and it opened up a new world of spirituality to me. I also realised that it’s ok if I can’t do crazy handstands like people on Instagram. They’ve probably been practising for years while I still consider myself a novice (despite being rather flexible if I may say so myself).

4. There isn’t a ‘type’ of yogis. By that I mean you don’t have to look a certain way, wear certain clothes, or be able to do certain poses in order to be considered a yogi.

5. I started listening to my intuition again. Remember how when you were a kid, you knew when you were hungry, when you were tired, or when you wanted to play? Well that, my friends, is called our intuition. It’s something which many of us have lost thanks to society telling us what to and what not to do. But yoga is all about listening to you body and doing what makes you feel good at that moment. It may be different for everyone, and it may even vary for you everyday.

There are many more benefits of yoga, but here are just a few from me. Hopefully this has helped inspire or motivate some of you to start practising!

Social Media Detox.


A few days ago, on January 1st, I decided to delete all social media apps off my phone. I found myself spending way too much time scrolling aimlessly, comparing myself to people on Instagram, wishing I had their life. Basically I was going against my words and doing everything that I tell people not to. It had been negatively impacting my mental health for a while now and I knew it all along, but something about it is just so darn addictive. It’s like that bad habit that you know you should change but don’t exactly want to. Honestly though, it’s such a waste of time. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather spend those several hours doing something productive or spending time with my friends and family instead of getting sucked into my phone.

So how does it feel? It is freaking amazing. It is incredibly freeing. I honestly haven’t felt more at ease in long time – both physically and mentally. I struggle with self confidence big time, and social media was one of the main contributors. Sure, I miss seeing what my friends are up to. I even caught myself taking my phone out to post something on my story, only to realise the app was gone. As much as I love social media as a way of connecting with people around the world, I refuse to sacrifice my sanity for vanity.


I have no idea how long I’ll keep up with this – maybe a month or two, maybe forever? Who knows. I encourage you to try a little social media detox as well, even if it’s just for several days. Put your phone away and enjoy living in the moment. I think we all need some of that nowadays. Oh and if you’re like me and still want to post photos every now and then just because you’re proud of them, there are ways to post from your computer. Just don’t start scrolling through your feed while you’re at it. Trust me, it’s incredibly tempting (coming from personal experience).

3am Thoughts.


Sometimes I feel like a fraud. Like I’m trying to be someone I’m not. Because I don’t really know who I am, or what I’m supposed to do.

Sometimes my thoughts take over like a runaway train. I used to wish I could rip my brain out. It sucks. But I’m learning to cope with it.

Sometimes I think everyone else thinks I’m crazy. Or maybe they’re the crazy ones. Or maybe we’re all crazy in our own ways – crazy from fighting our own battles. Continue reading “3am Thoughts.”



As the year comes to an end, I’d like to reflect on all that has happened over the past 365 days. I’ve never been one to treat each new year like it’s a big deal, because like so many other things, it’s only a number after all. However, I have stumbled upon numerous gems this year that I’d like to share with the world.

I think this has probably been the toughest year out of the (nearly) 20 years of my existence. I know I’m young and still have much to learn. I may seem naive and childish to some, but I don’t think a person’s beliefs and opinions should be disregarded due to their age.

I have been lost – and found. Or maybe I am still finding. Only time will tell. Perhaps life is a never-ending journey of discovery; a chronicle of transformation. I have faced so many demons of my past. Old memories have come back to haunt me, reminding me that they are still here despite my previous efforts to shove them into the dusty corner at the back of my mind. Perhaps they’ll always linger, but at least I’m learning to befriend and not banish. Continue reading “2017.”

2018 To-do List.


I’m not a fan of New Years Resolutions because 1) most of the time they don’t last and 2) you don’t have to wait till the new year to make a change. Having said that, I will write about my to-do list for 2018 – I’m a fan of those. (To be fair these are more-so reminders to myself of my core values in life.)

  1. Be present

This one’s been on my list for years now. It’s a tough one to crack in this hectic world that we live in. I’ve read so many stories of how people one day have this ‘ah ha’ moment and master mindfulness. I often envy their ability to ‘reach inwards’ or to ‘see the light’ while meditation. Meanwhile, I’ve been going at it on and off for 2-3 years with no avail. To be fair I haven’t really taken it that seriously until recent months. I used to just nod off or daydream during my 15 minutes of silence in the morning. Continue reading “2018 To-do List.”