The 10 Best Things in Life


1. When you and your best friend happen to say the same thing at the same time.

2. When a book is so good that you stay up to read no matter how tired you are.

3. Getting into bed after a long and tiring day.


4. Watching the sun rise on a beautiful morning.

5. Accomplishing something that you feel extremely proud of.

6. Cuddling an animal. Extra points if it’s fluffy.


7. Listening to the sound of waves crashing onto the shore.

8. Reading something that resonates with you completely.

9. Seeing amazing people around you succeed when you’ve believed in them all along.

10. Being able to look back in life and remind yourself how far you’ve come.


Thank you.

Taking a break from the deep rants today because I need some lightness in my life right now. I know I overshare on here a lot, but it’s become my outlet. This is where I am comfortable with being completely honest with myself. This is where I reveal all the deepest darkest secrets that I’ve kept to myself over the years (that sounds more dramatic than it actually is). Continue reading “Thank you.”

Beneath the Surface.

Things aren’t always the way they seem on the surface. Someone may look like they have the perfect life, like they have everything together. When in reality, they are extremely self conscious and dislike every part of themselves.

That is how I lived for the past three years. I built up a ‘perfect’ external image in order to hide my vulnerability. It seemed as if I had everything together. I had a well-established routine, I looked healthy on the outside, I always finished assignments well ahead of time. When in reality I felt like a robot, mindlessly repeating mundane tasks everyday. Continue reading “Beneath the Surface.”

It’s Not About Winning.

Life is not a competition. You don’t always have to win. The beauty of communication is the ability to share ideas and deepen each other’s understanding. There will always be someone who disagrees with you. As the well-known Dita Von Teese quote states: ‘you can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.’

Continue reading “It’s Not About Winning.”

Stay Open.

The world has so much to offer. Stop dreaming in the smoke; wake up and start living. You couldn’t choose what to believe in when you were a kid, but now you do. Use that power to explore what’s out there. Open up your heart up.

Embrace the highs and the lows in life. Sometimes it’s the hard times that teach you the most important lessons. The Universe put obstacles in front of us to build us up. It will not give you anything you cannot handle. Continue reading “Stay Open.”

Living Free of Judgement.

The biggest issue I’ve struggled with my entire life is self esteem. I grew up as a chubby kid, and the voices of society told me I wasn’t worthy; I wasn’t good enough. All these negative comments attacked me from all directions – including the people I love. Soon enough, I believed it myself. I used the same words against myself, picking my body apart, hating every single part of me. Continue reading “Living Free of Judgement.”