Reasons Why You Should Walk More


I personally think walking is highly underrated. For many people, the first thing that they think of when someone mentions the word ‘exercise’ is the gym. But guess what? Exercise doesn’t always mean you have to sweat your butt of in a stuffy room full of grunting men trying to lift more weight than they actually can. It doesn’t mean hours upon hours on the treadmill. It certainly doesn’t mean you have to suffer. In fact, many alternative healing methods such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) encourage slow, moderate movement such as walking, yoga, and tai chi.

An easy way to do this is to walk to places instead of travelling by car. If you live in cities like London or New York, you can probably take the Tube or the subway which already involves more walking than driving. Otherwise, most places are within walkable distances. Most of the time in cities with a lot of traffic, it’s even quicker to walk than to take public transport! Continue reading “Reasons Why You Should Walk More”



People always say that you should learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. But sometimes, that single step into discomfort takes immense courage. It’s like having a bad habit that you know you should change, but the thought of changing it terrifies you. After living within comfortability for years, that is exactly what I had to face countless times over the past few months. It’s easy to stay within the lines and do what you’re told, even if you know you are capable of much more. I followed the rules, did what made people happy, but guess what? I wasn’t happy. I knew deep down inside that it wasn’t the life that I wanted. I knew that I could follow my dreams and do what I truly wanted if only I was brave enough.  Continue reading “Surrender.”